Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today my goal is to get my sewing room back in order so that I can set up my machine and leave it out in a room that I can close the door on. Benjamin is now 17 months old and my machine is fascinating to him. (Not to mention the fact that little squares of fabric are great toys for both the cat and the kid.)

I have two projects going on right now. The first is a half log cabin in fall color fabrics. (Thimbleberries/Moda) I have yet to decide on the final layout for this quilt. Keep in mind that the blocks in the picture have not been sewn. I just placed them out on the bed with the background fabric to give an idea of the look. I would certainly hope that my sewing is not this wonky. *lol*

The second project is my sentimental favorite and will end up taking the most time. Mam Maw P gave me a large boot box full of fabric pieces that are "too small" for her to work with. (She is almost 87 and her eyesight is not what it used to be.) Amazingly quite a bit of the fabric is vintage 1930's. I secretly wished that the fabric was whole, but honestly if it was I don't think I would be able to bring myself to cut any of it. At least this way it is guaranteed to turn into a quilt. I have trimmed most of the pieces into 2.5" squares in order to "square them up".

My idea here is to make a 9 patch block using the 2.5" fabrics. Instead of using a plain or print border between the blocks, I plan on sewing together strips of 2" squares.

This will make a very scrappy quilt, a style that I love. I am hoping to make this a true charm quilt with no fabric duplicates. Unfortunately, it is likely to take me years to collect enough fabric to do this. I may end up duplicating squares just to keep it from becoming a UFO. I may also use borders around the outside to increase the size of the quilt without duplicating any fabrics.

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  1. You sure have a treasure with your Grandmothers scraps! You will have such wonderful memories with that quilt.

    Love the fabrics that you are using in the log cabin. I have one that I started years ago, but it is in a box....somewhere. :)