Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dog Quilt

I thought I would put up a photo of the last project I finished. It is a dog quilt I made for my Dad and Mom's teacup poodle, Whiskers.

Whiskers gets a bandanna tied around his neck every time he goes to the groomer. My mom asked me if I would be willing to sew him a quilt using his bandannas. Considering his size the bandannas are very small. My mom does not sew (not even a button) so she had no input on what she wanted other than she wanted me to use the bandannas.

At first I thought I would just make it a scrappy patchwork, but after cutting I did not have enough fabric to only use his bandannas. I searched around in my stash until I found a fabric I liked to add borders. I changed my mind several times about how to lay it out.

This is how the top finally turned out. I wish I had taken pictures of it after I finished it, but Mom and Dad were in town visiting and she snatched it away as soon as she saw it. *lol* This was a quick project so, I ended up tying it with white pearl cotton thread, rather than quilting it. I should mention here that the reason for this is that I do not machine quilt. Even on a project this small, hand quilting takes a considerable amount of time. I placed one tie in the center of each square set, and then in the center of each blue strip.

Whiskers seems happy with his quilt. Mom and Dad use it to keep him warm when he rides in the car in the summer. He is so tiny the a/c bothers him without a blanket.


  1. How cute!! I have a teacup poodle too! He shivers constantly, they are just too little to stay warm.

    Oh...I wanted to respond to one of your comments that you left on my blog but it show up "noreply" instead of your email. There is a place somewhere in the settings to change that. You will have to type your email address in there. I forgot actually what it is under, but I had to do the samething to mine. :)

    Have a great day!