Saturday, November 7, 2009

The sewing room is finished!

I managed to finish cleaning up the sewing room yesterday. It is amazing to me how much harder it is to accomplish things with a small child in the house. :) I worked my lovely government job until Benjamin was 9 months old. During that time my sewing room became the dumping ground for all the things in the house I didn't have time to deal with. My husband and one of his gun cabinets share this room with me and he is less than organized. I had plenty of help making the mess and none cleaning it up. *lol*

All in all I think it looks pretty good. I at least have space to work. I can't wait until I have a real sewing table to work with. It drives me crazy working with my machine on top of the the table like this, but it is manageable. I think Mam Maw P may have a sewing table upstairs, I need to get up there to look. Honestly I've been putting it off because I know I will not be able to go up there without spending a few days organizing and cleaning.

On a different note, my Christmas Cactus has decided to be a Veteran's Day cactus this year. It is blooming like crazy.

You can't tell from this picture, but the flowers are quite unique. They are white with a pink blush in the centers and a magenta pistol. I am hoping to get a good picture sometime today while the sun is bright. Considering I've only had this plant a couple of years I am quite happy with how it is blooming.

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  1. Looks all nice and neat! At the moment, I don't have a sewing room, I just have stuff all over the house! :) We are building a new house and I will have a big sewing room in there, I can't wait! :)

    Your cactus looks very pretty!