Friday, December 18, 2009

Time Heals All Wounds

Today I wanted to take a moment to remember my Aunt Edna. She passed away from cancer just after Christmas in January 1995.

You see my love of quilting has it's roots in this special lady. My mother and her mother didn't sew, let alone quilt, but my Dad's mother and my Aunt Edna (his sister) did. Edna lived 3-4 hours away, but trips to her house were always exciting to me. She had a home filled with beautiful quilts and afghans that she had made herself and she was an incredible cook. I loved looking at all the beautiful colors and designs. A trip to her home was like visiting a wonderland for the senses.

Edna was diagnosed with cancer prior to my 16th birthday. She had begun working on a quilt for my birthday and called my father to tell him that he had to promise her that if she did not make it out of surgery that he would contact the ladies in her guild and have them finish my quilt. She was very adamant that I have this quilt, regardless of what happened to her. Thankfully she was able to finish the quilt herself and my dad and I made a trip out to visit her for my birthday.

I didn't get the lighting correct on this picture, but here is my 16th birthday quilt.

Every stitch in this quilt was taken by hand. I am not sure if she used a pre-printed kit for the embroidery, or if she used another method for the design. I personally have not come across another quilt like it.

This picture shows the back of the quilt and all of her beautiful hand stitches.

If you look closely at the pictures you will see wear on this quilt and there is a very good reason for it. Edna made me promise to use this quilt. She would even ask me when she called me if my quilt was on the bed. Edna told me that she wanted me to be wrapped in her love, and that she didn't spend her time working on the quilt just to have it put away in a chest somewhere and not enjoyed. I slept under this quilt every night until I married at 25 and now I wrap myself in it on those occasions I am ill and "on the couch". Thanks to Aunt Edna, when I give someone a quilt I tell them the same thing. I make my quilts to be used and used again. I don't want them put away somewhere and not enjoyed.

Thank you Aunt Edna for gifting me with the love of things handmade. Every stitch I take keeps me connected to you.... until we see each other again in heaven.

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